By purchasing any of our flight certificates, you receive a GIFT for each flight participant an excursion to the highest observation deck in Europe with a tasting of ice cream and chocolate - PANORAMA360!

The observation deck is located in the Moscow City international business center, in the Federation Tower.

A hot air balloon flight and a visit to the observation deck are two independent events and can be planned by you on different days.

PANORAMA360 is the highest all-weather observation deck in Europe.

Appreciate the beauty of Moscow from the 89th floor of the Federation Tower Moscow City. PANORAMA360 is the record holder of the Russian Book of Records:
the chocolate and ice cream factories located on its territory are the tallest in the world.
PANORAMA360 is also a full member of the World Federation of High-Rise Towers!

The best view of Moscow.

The Federation Tower is located in the city center, 4 km from the Kremlin. From here you can see the whole of Moscow 360 degrees from the best angle.
The idea of an observation deck was laid down at the design stage of the tower; a better view was initially planned as a prerequisite for the project.


  • Virtual 3D exhibition with an exciting quest
  • The tallest ice cream factory in the world
  • The world's tallest chocolate factory
  • Restaurant360
  • Souvenir shop
  • Immersive projection show
  • Ice Cream Museum
  • Interactive guide with augmented reality

We guarantee you:

  • The highest all-weather observation deck in Europe
  • The best view of Moscow
  • Comfort and safety
  • Fun for the whole family and modern technology
  • Excellent transport accessibility

More information can be found on the PANORAMA 360 website.
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