In addition to free flights, our club can organize and conduct tethered balloon ascents on your territory.

A balloon that makes tethered lifts will help decorate any event, from a birthday to a city day.

Depending on your wishes, budget and site conditions, we can provide tethered operation of several balls at the same time.

To carry out tie-up work for corporate clients who do not accept outside brands at their events, we specially produced a white balloon.

A tethered balloon is:

  • great holiday decoration element
  • stationary advertising and image structure
  • an attraction that lifts those who wish to a height of up to 50 meters.

Necessary conditions for carrying out tethered work:

  • Open area 50x50 meters (for one ball), free from any buildings, structures, trees, etc.
  • Wind speed should be no more than 3 m/s
  • No precipitation

Cost of work

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Tethered lifts
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