Important information!

Be sure to read this information.

Please note that due to road work, traffic on Dmitrovskoye Highway is experiencing great traffic difficulties every day. Please calculate the time of your departure for the flight taking into account this information; the estimated travel time for the evening flight, from the Moscow Ring Road to the village of Varvarino, can take at least 1.5 hours!
Particular attention to this problem should be paid to guests traveling flight on the evening shift of Friday and Saturday.
You can also avoid being late for your flight by getting to the meeting point by train from Savelovsky station to the railway station. "Morozki" station (75 minutes on the way).

Dear guests, according to flight rules, for safety reasons, a hot air balloon flight is tied to sunrise or sunset, so it is very IMPORTANT to arrive at the meeting point without delay. The exact collection time is indicated in the SMS message sent to you.

If you fail to show up or are late by more than 15 minutes, the service is considered provided and payment is not refunded.

Meeting place address: Moscow region, Dmitrovsky district, no. Varvarino, 1B
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We meet you in the parking lot in front of the "Pomponchik" cafe, located in the sports and entertainment complex "Hangar - Karting Mayak 2.0". You leave your personal cars in the parking lot in front of the Pompomchik cafe, then check-in for the flight awaits you and after all the formalities, we seat you in our cars and take you to the flight location. The launch site of the balloon is always selected individually, taking into account the actual direction and strength of the wind, and the flight route passes from point “A” to point “B” and the balloon does not return to the starting point. Therefore, you can arrive to the balloon starting point in your personal car only if you are accompanied by a personal driver who remains on the ground and does not participate in the flight. On average, the duration of the entire trip from the moment of meeting at the Pompomchik cafe until parting at the same point takes 3-4 hours.

By public transport, you can get to the meeting place by train from Savyolovsky station (Moscow) to the railway station. station "Morozki" (60-75 minutes on the way). Having arrived at the Morozki station, you need to go to Dmitrovskoye Shosse, cross the road and approach the Hangar sports and entertainment complex (~500 m), the meeting point is the parking lot in front of the Pompomchik cafe.

Clothing form:
- Use clothing that is most suitable for the weather and season on the day you have chosen for the flight. Expect that you will spend up to 4 hours outdoors; during the flight, as the balloon rises to altitude, it may become cooler by several degrees.
- Shoes should be flat-soled, without heels !
- In our experience, you will be more comfortable in clothes of a more sporty style.
- In the warm season, we recommend taking hats in the form of caps or Panama hats and STRONGLY we recommend taking mosquito repellent with you.
- If you plan to fly in the morning, during the warm season, we recommend using shoes that are as waterproof as possible , there will be a lot of dew in the fields.
- In the winter season, clothing should be appropriate for the season and it is better if you dress a little warmer than you usually do. You must have a hat, gloves and warm shoes.

Photo of the meeting place (the parking area is highlighted in red):


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